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Tangles is your curly hair destination.

This unique cutting style was designed for waves, curls, super curly and all natural textures. Hair is dry sculpted to the desired shape, followed by shampooing, conditioning and full curl coaching.


All Stylists are






DevaCurl Pricelist

DevaCurl Pricelist

Deva Curly Haircut

Women Wavy/Curly 1b/3A*

Women Super Curly/Coily 3A/4A* 



Men Wavy/Curly

Men Super Curly/Coily 







Cuts include hair coaching

*$45-65 per hr detangling fee may be added 

+Additional fee per curl specialist 


Deva Curly Add-On Treatments

Devacurl Transformation Service


This customized service will take you through cleansing, conditioning followed by styling and coaching sessions to help care for your curls at home.

Bounce Back Treatment


This service begins with a rejuvenating deep cleanse, followed with a treatment mask for moisture or strength depending on recommendation from you stylists. Includes a customized styling session.

Build Up Buster


Gently removes build up from hair and scalp

Wash Day Wonder

Pre-detangler for ethnic and kinky hair

Deva Deep Sea Repair/

Melt Into Moisture


Restorative, strengthening, transforms damage and over processed color hair

Deva Curly Set


Special occasion, wash and set


  • Arrive with your hair worn down and completely dry, detangled and in its natural state with light product or conditioner

  • Free of ponytail holders, clips or any hair accessories 

  • Bring pictures of cuts you love!!

(If your hair is not prepared in the above required state, we reserve the right to refuse and 30% off service will be charged

All price quoted at starting range, additional fee maybe added for length and thickness) 

Choose your curl pattern and we'll match you with the right curl coach

Our Certified DevaCurl stylists will design a great look for you.

Please check out the DevaCurl YouTube Video to fully understand the culture.

*Prices subject to change without notice*



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