Come in and experience Tangles Salon and let our wonderful staff create a style that is just right for you.
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Tangles Salon is proud to build a team of stylists that share a love and passion for creating that just right look.

Salon Owner

Our owner has more than 25 years experience and has very simple but a creative approach to creating the right haircut for you.

  • Women’s  $85
  • Men’s  $60

Lead Stylist

Lead stylists at Tangles Salon have received intensive training over time and through completing a series of training courses. They are knowledgeable and can help you achieve your desired look. Our Lead Stylists run our Assistants Program as well, and are committed to sharing their knowledge of their craft.


Our stylists are trained in the all the same areas of haircare: hair cut and coloring, keratin smoothing, texturizing, extensions and are extremely talented.

  •  Stylist Women’s  $65
  • Lead Stylist Women’s  $75 and up
  •  Stylist Men’s  $35
  • Lead Stylist Men’s  $45 and up

Curly Hair


If you have trouble with your curly hair, look no further. Our stylists have been trained in the Deva Curly Girl haircut technique and culture.  This unique style of cutting curly hair will make you love and embrace what mother nature gave you.  This unique style of cutting and styling takes a full 1 1/2 hour.  Client must come in with hair styled as normal, hair will be cut on dry hair and the Deva Curl System follows. Please check out the Deva Curl YouTube Video to fully understand the culture.

  •  Deva Curly Girl Consult $25  (15 min consult, if you book a Deva Cut this amount will be applied.)
  •  Deva Curly Cut Women’s  $85-125
  •  Deva Curly Men’s  $55

Hair Styling

Prices standard for both our Lead Stylists and Stylists

Blow-drying, Flat Ironing and Up Styling 

  • Basic blow Dry with color  $40
  • Basic Blow Dry  $45
  • Owner  $50 and up
  • The New York “blow dry” $45 and upnewstar-sm (Deluxe blow dry is for that sexy celebrity finish, whether it’s sleek or bouncy)
  • The New York “blow dry” Owner  $55
  • Up Styling and Event hair  $75and up (depending on length)

Hair Color Services

services-redhairOur stylists are master colorists and have had extensive training in all of our color lines.

Tint—Single Process (One color, Permanent or Demi color) 

  • Stylist  $65 and up
  • Lead Stylist  $75 and up
  • Owner  $80 and up

Virgin Hair/Dye Back

These applications are for those first time color clients requiring precision formulation and application. More color is used during this procedure.

  • Stylists  $75
  • Lead Stylist  $85
  • Owner  $90

INOA ODS2 (Non Ammonia Permanent Color)

This is a new, amazing non-ammonia permanent color. This hair color will give you the most amazing shine and improve the hair integrity. Infused with rich oil and intense tone.

  • Stylist  $75
  • Lead Stylists  $85
  • Owner  $95

Mini Tint 

Mini Tints are perfect for in between camouflage of those pesky roots at the hairline and part-line only. ** $10 more for INOA

  • Stylist  $35
  • Lead Stylist  $45
  • Owner  $55

Blending Gray

  • Men  $3545 (This procedure only takes 5 mins and will last about 4 weeks; great for just a camouflage)

Dimensional Color (2 Colors applied in a fun and creative technique)

  • Owner  $105
  • Lead Stylist  $100 and up

  • Stylists  $85 and up

Mini Weave 

Mini Weaves are a great introduction to highlights; 10 foils for fun, or just a color lift! ** Addtional $10 for INOA color

  • Stylist   $75
  • Lead Stylist  85 $and up
  • Owner   $95 and up

Partial Weave

The partial weave is our most popular weaving service; this stops at the top of the occipital bone. **Additional $10 for INOA Color

  • Stylist  $115and up
  • Lead Stylist  $125 and up
  • Owner  $135 and up

Full Weave*

  • Stylist  $125
  • Lead Stylist  $135 and up
  • Owner  $155 and up

*Additional fee for lowlights


French for “sweeping,” this free hand  painting technique is amazing for a natural beach blond with lots of natural base color coming through. (Longer hair will be additional)

  • Stylist  $135 and up
  • Lead Stylist  $135  and up
  • Owner  $150 and up


The Ombre technique is a graduation of color, namely deeper color fading into lighter ends

  • Stylist  $125
  • Lead Stylist  $145
  • Owner  $165

Pintura Weaving for Wavy Hair

For this technique, selected pieces of hair are hand painted with the curl pattern.

  • Mini Pintura  $95
  • Partial Pintura  $125
  • Full Pintura  $155

Misc Color

  • Cellophanes/Toners  $3070
  • Color Correction  $100 per hour Note that everything needed to get to your desired shade is included in the price per hour. Previously colored hair, must be removed in order to create a lighter tone.  Simply choosing a light color and applying it over dark colored hair does not create a light color tone.  It may take multiple lifts and toner to achieve the desired shade.  This procedure is very time consuming and what dictates that is what lies under the hair color.

Hair Straightening

Brazilian Blowout

This revolutionary smoothing system as seen on E News! Infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating frizz while maintaining the integrity of the hair; not to be confused with a relaxer. The Brazilian Blowdry formula is non chemical, infused with Amino Acids, Cacao and Acai. This will absolutely blow your mind; the ultimate de-frizzer, high shine strengthener, that will last 3 to 5 months. (We can only guarantee this procedure with use of Brazilian Shampoo and conditioner)

  • 90-minute session $250–400 (Extra time may be required for longer lengths)

Express Blowout by Keratin Copolla

This express blow out is a great introduction the full Brazilian Blowout, this last 8 weeks and has 30% Keratin vs. the 40% normal Keratin. 

  • 1-hr session $175

Japanese Straightener


This Yuko system is done by our certified stylists. This is for the client that really wants straight, straight hair.

  • Certified Stylist $100 per hour

IBS Straightner

This treatment is also part of the Japanese family and can deliver the same beautiful results.

  • Treatment $450

Regular Relaxers

Strong wave patterns in ethnic/black hair, breaking down the hair pattern.

  • Virgin Relaxers $150and up
  • Relaxer Retouch $100 and up

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may vary according to your personal needs, lengths and individual stylist and are subject to change without notice.